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Frequently asked questions

You ask. We answer. Let’s get right to ’em rankings!

Why does my website need SEO?2022-06-06T08:26:06+08:00

SEO helps your site appear higher in search results, which can result in increased traffic to your site. Without SEO, your website can fall in search engine rankings!


As they say, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google’s search results. 😉

Why should I work with RankChutney for SEO instead of an SEO agency?2022-06-06T08:30:07+08:00

Our team has over 12 years of experience ( >50 years if you count collective experience) working with big brands on their SEO, and yet we charge less than your standard SEO agency. If you’re looking for time- and cost-efficient SEO, then RankChutney is your answer.

What might I miss out on that an agency provides?2022-06-06T08:35:01+08:00

Working with RankChutney will no doubt rock your website’s SEO… but you won’t get the monthly warm and fuzzy (but mostly sweaty and awkward) face-to-face meetings with an agency!


Our team communicates solely via our platform with you.

Why do you have 2 plans to choose from and what is the difference?2022-06-06T08:44:15+08:00

Only 1 plan would be boring, but 3 would be too much.


Our 2 plans are designed to get your SEO rankings purring in no time. The difference is the Essential plan gives you an Onsite roadmap for you to DIY while the Advanced plan lets you be King 👑 as we implement your Onsite roadmap for you (once we’re granted access, your Highness!).


However, both plans offer the same SEO secrets and outcomes.

What do these terms mean – Technical, Onpage and Offpage?2022-06-06T08:53:32+08:00

Technical recommendations provide a checklist for your developers update your website for a mind-blowing user experience that search engines❤️.


Onpage recommendations, when implemented, ensure maximum visibility 👀 for your website on search engine results pages.


Offpage optimization is our totally legit secret sauce that drives your website rankings up search results over time.

Are your backlinks legitimate?2022-06-06T08:56:07+08:00

Short answer – Yes.


We source unique backlinks from legit domains based on your industry as much as possible.

Why am I only allowed 7 focus keywords?2022-08-23T10:11:47+08:00

Ever heard of lucky number 7?


Seriously though, experience showed us that 7 focus keywords is just right for most business websites. The focus allows for visible progress AND the number of associated long-tail keywords would be HUGE.


Therefore, a great side-effect is most websites end up ranking for additional long-tail keywords in the process beyond the 7 (told ya – lucky number!🍀).

Who selects the 7 focus keywords?2022-08-23T10:10:27+08:00

We will recommend the 7 focus keywords based on your input, industry, products and services offered.


We laser-focus on these 7 so that your website eventually ends up ranking for many more long-tail keywords around these, i.e. your website is actually getting unlimited keyword ranking opportunities. 🤯


We mix all this information with the magic dust of our experience for your lucky 7!

Can I change keywords?2022-06-06T09:10:49+08:00

We strongly recommend focusing on selected keywords for at least 6-12 months to see results.


Our team also suggests changes from time-to-time based on our research. On request, we can update some of the keywords in case your business changes focus.

Do you guarantee 1st page rankings for all the chosen keywords?2022-06-06T09:16:34+08:00

Sadly, we never got into the snake-oil selling business. So no, we cannot guarantee 1st page rankings.


A keyword that ranks your site on Page 1 today may not be there tomorrow if not maintained.


Our team does its best to improve and maintain your rankings, while focusing on organic traffic to your website.

What is your 14-day trial period about?2022-06-06T09:20:25+08:00

It is a 2-week opportunity for you to get to know us 💑. Try out our platform, interact with our team and see if we’re the right fit for you.


If you feel otherwise, it might break our heart but we bear no hard feelings 💔.

Can I add other team members to my project?2022-06-06T09:21:01+08:00

Yes, you can add up to 2 additional team members to your project.

What should I do with Technical and Onpage SEO recommendations?2022-06-06T09:28:46+08:00

Recommendations are for you to implement on your website. You’re paying for our expertise to rank higher on Google📈 – these recommendations are going to get you there!


Unfortunately, the adverse is also true – failure to implement in time makes it much harder to improve your search rankings📉.

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